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  • Sara Bibel

    Sara Bibel

    Writer. Overthinker.

  • Ryan Jacobs

    Ryan Jacobs

    Deputy editor @PacificStand. Writing a book about the truffle underworld for Clarkson Potter. Alum: @TheAtlantic, @MotherJones. Tracking crime, intrigue, WTF.

  • Donielle Lee

    Donielle Lee

    communications and marketing manager, urban planner, mom and bookworm

  • Karen Novek

    Karen Novek

    Author of Behind the Scenes of Your Financial Success & More. Founder of Boca Wellness Inc.

  • Allison Payne

    Allison Payne

    Writer, Editor, and Really Awesome Proofreader

  • dballman


    Documentary and improvisational style commercial photography. http://darrinballman.com

  • Laura Slingo

    Laura Slingo

    Often found building worlds I wish I lived in, inspired by the sounds of Thomas Newman.

  • Patrick Greaver

    Patrick Greaver

    A true fashion fanatic. Interested in all types of art, creativity, design innovations.

  • Gemma Kennedy

    Gemma Kennedy

    Word Stringer. Dead Ringer. Middle Finger. Bonafide adult lady person most days. Southpaw always ISO proper left-handed coffee mugs.

  • Carl Franzen

    Carl Franzen

    Storyteller @Xerox. When not doing that, I mostly write fiction.

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