How to write an essay

What is an essay?

Ingredients of an essay

  • Debatable, not obviously true or universally accepted as fact
  • Provable
  • Concise and comprehensible
  1. Ice cream and essays both have three basic ingredients.
  2. Ice cream and essays have been popular for hundreds of years among diverse cultures around the globe.
  3. Ice cream and essays are quicker and easier to consume than to produce.

Basic essay structure

A menu of essays

  1. Narrative
  2. Descriptive
  3. Expository
  4. Persuasive
  5. Definition
  6. Compare and contrast
  7. Cause and effect
  8. Critical
  9. Process
  10. Argumentative
  11. Analytical

Essay presentation: cone, bowl or other

1. How to write an academic essay

2. How to write a professional essay

3. How to write a personal essay




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Novelist, journalist, coffee addictist. Books at

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