Louisa May Alcott’s forgotten horror story

  1. If yeast conveys a soul, and candy inherently lacks yeast, does that mean the candy-folk Lily killed had no souls?
  2. If the candy-people had no souls, but souls are a thing that demonstrably exists in this universe, are their dead lost to oblivion?
  3. What is the religion of Candy Country, if they had a standard church and a temple for resurrecting their almost-dead?
  4. What is the religion of Cake-land?
  5. Where do the yeast-souls come from?
  6. Does God create and dole out the souls?
  7. If there is a God, why doesn’t S/He bestow souls upon everyone equally?
  8. Why must you labor in dictionary-definition slavery to obtain a soul?
  9. Lily does not contain yeast: does that mean she has no soul?
  10. Do you and I have souls?
  11. Does booze have a soul?
  1. If the cakes and cookies of Cake-land are alive, doesn’t that mean the cakes and cookies they produce are alive, too?
  2. Are they sacrificing their children to hungry Cheesecake Factory customers to barter for immortality?
  3. Is the volcano that powers the baking ovens the same one from Scientology?
  4. Is Cake-land a construct of L. Ron Hubbard?
  5. Is God, dispenser of yeasty souls, Galactic Overlord Xenu?
  6. Are souls actually thetans?
  1. I must see this film, based on the title alone.
  2. When we find out what happens to Alcott’s gingerbread man … oh my God …




Novelist, journalist, coffee addictist. Books at amazon.com/author/katherineluck

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Novelist, journalist, coffee addictist. Books at amazon.com/author/katherineluck

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