Why recipe blog posts are so long

Golden rod cake, fresh from the oven.

Why do food bloggers write so much?

The elusive golden rod cake recipe is neither intuitive nor simple. But it is undeniably delicious.

Does anyone actually read food blogs?

  1. State a universal problem or question we all can relate to.
  2. Establish that I, the blogger, too have suffered/wondered about the same thing.
  3. Offer a reassuring promise that I have the answer. I can help you!

How do food bloggers make money?

A slice of golden rod cake, the recipe for which may or may not surprise you when you finally encounter it.

Why won’t you just get to the recipe?




Novelist, journalist, coffee addictist. Books at amazon.com/author/katherineluck

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Novelist, journalist, coffee addictist. Books at amazon.com/author/katherineluck

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